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The Work of Jeremy Saulnier

By Essential Viewing

After his breakout film Blue Ruin—which he made for a minuscule $420,000—premiered to rave reviews at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival Director’s Fortnight, Jeremy Saulnier has released three more critically beloved and admired pieces: Green Room, Hold the Dark, and the first two episodes True Detective season three. Each of these four works are masterclasses in genre filmmaking and provide wonderfully specific “craft lessons” that creatives at all levels should take note of. Diving right in. . . . Blue Ruin is a wonderfully sparse, emotionally resonant, and excruciatingly (in the best possible way) tense thriller that follows Dwight, a soft-spoken, haunted homeless man. After learning the man who murdered his parents will soon be released from prison, Dwight is sent down the path of vengeance with increasingly brutal consequences for him and all those in his orbit. Here’s the thing about Blue Ruin: in no way is this concept…

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