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The Love Witch: Film Review

By Spotlight: Film & TV Reviews

Released – November 11, 2016 Written By – Anna Biller Directed By – Anna Biller Starring – Samantha Robinson, Gian Keys, Laura Waddell, Jeffrey Vincent Parise Runtime – 120 minutes Genre – Comedy / Horror / Romance In film, there are auteurs and then there are auteurs, individuals with such a command over a film that it’s undoubtedly their vision and theirs alone, individuals whose work makes you wonder how the hell did they all that, individuals who make italicizing and bolding the word auteur a necessity. Today, we’re talking about that kind of auteur. Written, directed, edited, produced, scored, costumed, and set designed—whew!—by Anna Biller, The Love Witch follows Elaine (Samantha Robinson in a gloriously affected performance), a young woman who resorts to love magic to find a man, and is perhaps one of the most ambitious films in the last. . . pick a timespan. The reason? Biller…

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