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Short Script Results

2023 Short Script Competition Results


Massagers 4 Sale
Written by Chris Lui

Chris Lui hails from Honolulu, Hawaii, where his childhood was spent at his Popo’s (grandma) place, right on the edge of Chinatown. Watching Hong Kong action movies at an early age, he later graduated to grindhouse kung fu flicks and high-flying wuxia fantasy films. An interest in economics led him to serve in the trenches of the State Legislature before jumping ship to USC for an MFA in Film Production.

His writing has placed as a finalist in the Austin Film Festival, Humanitas Originals, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards and the Top 50 of the 2023 Nicholl Fellowships.


Doors by Gina DeAngelis

Gina DeAngelis is the youngest of 10 kids who all talked at once. She started writing just to get a word in. A professional writer for 20+ years, she won an Emmy Award for historical drama, and holds degrees in both history and screenwriting. In her spec features, her unlikely heroes suffer from estrangement and isolation before building diverse found families, and even her darkest stories are ultimately life-affirming. Her scripts have been consistently honored by the Nicholl Fellowships, Austin Film Festival, PAGE Screenwriting Awards, Stowe Story Labs, and others.

Recent releases include the indie feature Everything Fun You Could Possibly Do in Aledo, Illinois (premiered in Los Angeles in October 2023), 13 commissioned documentary shorts (Stories of War), and the horror short Ask For Help, now in festivals. Her work has also appeared on PBS and was performed live for Queen Elizabeth II.

Her adaptation of the Pamela Painter short story Doors will be released in early 2024.

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Baby Teeth
by Scott Baker

A London-based horror screenwriter, Scott is a former script reader and professional wrestler. He co-wrote and produced several short horror films with two fellow British screenwriters, as well as worked for the London Screenwriters Festival.

Scott loves to craft character-driven stories that make audiences squirm and to push the horror genre into new and exciting spaces.

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