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Short Film Results

2019 Short Film Competition Results


Written & Directed by Allison Mattox

Allison Mattox is a writer and director who studied at the University of Southern California.

Her short film, Échappé, follows a Soviet ballet company on tour in New York and has screened at festivals including Traverse City, Newport Beach, and Dance on Camera, and has won awards including Festival Favorite at San Francisco Independent and Best Drama Short at Sedona and Golden State. Her previous short film, Three in June, explores marriage and sexuality in 1960s puritanical Georgia and screened at a dozen festivals.

She’s is developing the feature script for Échappé and a book of personal essays. Allison lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Black Hat
Directed by Sarah Smith
Written by Phillip Guttmann

In Full Bloom
Written & Directed by Maegan Houang


Written & Directed by
Leonard Rääf

Written & Directed by
Catherine Bonny

Written & Directed by Meryl Jones Williams and Jane Stiles
Story by Jane Stiles

Written & Directed by Montana Mann

Written & Directed by Jack Martin

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