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Launched in January 2018, Film Pipeline spotlights both a short script and short film competition intended to find extraordinary directors as well as distinguished projects that merit financing and production. Contest selections are circulated to agencies, producers, and managers looking for emerging directors, proof-of-concept or standalone shorts, and filmmakers across a broad spectrum of backgrounds. Unlike a typical festival, Film Pipeline promotes individual directors and plays an active role in getting content produced and distributed.

Film Pipeline joins Script Pipeline (est. 1999) and Book Pipeline (est. 2014) as part of Pipeline Media Group’s suite of platforms connecting creatives with the film and TV industry. Through Script Pipeline, numerous writer/directors have produced their work, sold over $6 million in screenplays and pilots to studios, and found representation due to the guidance of PMG’s development staff–a team always on the lookout for up-and-coming talent.

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February 20th, 2019 Short Script Competition

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Kendall Goldberg

By | Interviews

A finalist in Film Pipeline with her short Gloria Talks Funny, writer/director Kendall Goldberg is well on her way to establishing a notable presence in the industry. Her first feature, When Jeff Tried to Save the World, starring Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), released in December 2018—a project she started developing prior to her sophomore year at Chapman University. You’re a recent graduate and, to the certain envy of writer/directors everywhere, you’ve already completed a feature (When Jeff Tried to Save the World). Forgive the simplistic question, but. . . how did you pull it off? I started writing and developing the film the summer after my freshman year. I was overly eager to keep making things, but my intention was never necessarily to make a feature right away. It was just make movies, make movies, make movies. When my childhood friend and writing partner Rachel Borgo—who was at school in Chicago…

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Essential Viewing

Widows: Film Review

By | Essential Viewing

Released – November 16th, 2018 Written By – Gillian Flynn, Steve McQueen Directed By – Steve McQueen Starring – Viola Davis, Liam Neeson, Michelle Rodriguez, Daniel Kaluuya, Colin Farrell Runtime – 129 minutes Genre – Heist / Thriller / Drama What makes a marketable idea? If you’re a filmmaker, or a writer—and if you’re on this site, you probably are—you’ve probably received this critique at least once in your career: “I like the idea, but it needs to be more marketable.” On the surface, you probably have a basic understanding of what that means. It needs to appeal to a certain demographic. It has to have a strong, easily pitchable concept. It has to be fresh and new. You also probably have this sinking feeling in your stomach when you get that critique: the second something becomes “marketable,” it loses everything that makes it unique and meaningful, right? If you…

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